Solder 14K

Solder 14K

1 dwt. Sheet

14K  In Stock  
14K W X-Easy (1320o F) Yes 
14K W Easy (1390o F) Yes 
14K W Medium (1450o F) Yes  
14K W Hard (1570o F)  Yes 
14K Y X-Easy (1295o F)     Yes
14K Y Easy (1340o F) Yes 
14K Y Medium (1390o F) Yes 
14K Y Hard (1480o F) Yes 
14K P Easy  Yes 
14K P Medium   Yes
14K P Hard  Yes 

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Name Solder 14K
Department Fashion
Type Mill Products
Sub Type Solder
Materials 14K Rose Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold

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